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Name: Curadis VZW

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Curadis is a non-profit organization that offers her services for free to accomplish educational exchange projects in Latin America for speech-language therapists. All our contributors are volunteers and work unpaid. To be able to maintain our work and organize our projects we depend on donations. Therefore we are urgently looking for supporters and companies who can underset our organization. All small and generous donations are very welcome and can be made by Paypal or bank transfer. Thank you very much!

Materials and resources

Because Curadis is a non-profit charity foundation that works on a volunteer/pro-bono basis, we are always in need of any materials or resources you or your facility/company may have. We work primarily with Swallowing Disorders and always have need of any material or equipment to be used with the functional diagnostics and treatment of these disorders. As you can imagine, when we are out of our modern cities, we do not have immediate access to gloves, endosheaths, IOPI bulbs, tongue depressors, cold packs, glycerin swabs, laryngeal mirrors, Pulse Oximeters, NMES units, Dysphagia diagnostic/treatment tools, etc. We cannot stress how much anything can help our cause of providing help to those in need. We will happily take any materials or resources you or your facility/company may have and put them to great use!


Please contact info@CuradisUSA.org if you are looking to donate any materials or resources. In many cases, we are more than happy to help with the shipping cost.


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