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Past projects

First project in Brazil​


During our first volunteering project in Fortaleza we had interesting meetings and gave succesful workshops and lectures at Fateci, UFC and Hospital Geral de Fortaleza. We exchanged invaluable professional and cultural experiences while we met SLP's, nutritionists, nurses and many specialized doctors. We talked about healthcare, the assessment and management of dysphagia and even ethical matters.

Curadis was very warmly welcomed in Brazil during this first project. Soon after our return we were looking forward to new projects in Latin America. 

"The partnership with Curadis was valuable for me, not only because It increased my knowledge about dysphasia and its management, but also because it helped me to develop interpersonal skills and to extend my professional network."  

- Gabrielle Figueiredo, student at the Universidade Federal do Ceará

The Curadis lecture positively contributed to the performance of speech therapists at Mario Palmerio Hospital Universitário, including the nursing team, which is inserted 24 hours a day in direct assistance to dysphagic patients. The exposed knowledge, new ideas and training on dysphagia were of paramount importance for a quality, humanized, safe care for our dysphagic patients. It was a joy to have Katja come for learning, exchange of experiences and knowledge. I look forward to future projects in partnership with Curadis.

- Luciana Ávila Dos Santos,

Speech-Language Pathologist at the Mario Palmerio Hospital of the University of Uberaba

Second project in Brazil​


Read more about our second project in Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and São Paulo in june-july 2017.