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Ways to Help

Curadis is a non-profit organization that offers her services for free to accomplish educational exchange projects throughout the world. 


Because Curadis is a non-profit charity foundation that works on a volunteer/pro-bono basis, we are always in need of donations. We cannot stress how much anything can help our cause of providing help to those in need. We will happily take any materials  you or your facility/company may have and put them to great use!

Donate money

All our contributors are volunteers and work unpaid. To be able to maintain our work and organize our projects we depend on donations. All small and generous donations are very welcome and can be made by Paypal, Patreon and bank transfer. 


IBAN BE87 7340 4137 9094


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Donate resources

Some contributors have donated PDFs they have written, small CEU courses they have created and even some basic assessment and treatment guides to Curadis. We are always thrilled and humbled when people have given these things freely in order to disseminate them to as much of the global community as possible. We would be happy to receive your resources!

Donate materials

We always have need of any material or equipment to be used with the functional diagnostics and treatment of Swallowing Disorders. We will happily take any materials or resources you or your facility/company may have and put them to great use!

Donate time

Are you willing to help out with creating screening, diagnostic and treatment materials for various facilities? Assisting in translating diagnostic and treatment materials?Helping to create culturally-sensitive and culturally-relevant diagnostic and treatment procedures? Get in touch!



During events

Curadis organizes lectures to provide education, diagnostics and treatment for swallowing disorders throughout the world, while inspiring people to expand their awareness, understanding and knowledge of these disorders in culturally- and linguistically-relevant contexts. We are always looking for new venues that can offer us a suitable location and the needed equipment. 

Also, we organize fundraisers, like our annual attendance at Christmas fairs, a recent Totebag Sale and Board Game auction to support our projects.  Would you like to help us out in a heart-warming atmosphere? Your helping hands are very welcome at our events, as well as your own fundraiser ideas!

During projects

Curadis provides volunteer outreach, education, diagnostics and treatment to communities in need throughout the world on a fully pro-bono basis. We are currently working on projects in Latin America, Africa and Asia, and are always adding more projects when we can. Typical projects include (but are in no way limited to) the following:

  • Teaching at various facilities (Hospitals, Universities, Outpatient/Inpatient Rehab, Private Clinics, etc)

  • Guest Lecturing at various facilities

  • Providing hands-on training in current, evidence-based diagnostic and treatment methods

  • Consulting with various facilities on their Dysphagia modules

  • Working directly with rural and urban community centers to provide free diagnostics and treatment

Contact us and sign up as a volunteer!

Become a Sponsor


To be able to maintain our work and organize our projects we depend on donations and sponsors. Therefore we are urgently looking for supporters and companies who can underset our organization. All small and generous donations are very welcome!

Helping Hands

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